CMD Tools

On this page you will find a collection of various command line tools.

aes[-d|-e] [Passw.] [Source] [Destination]AES Encryption
brieflz[-c|-d] [Source] [Destination]BriefLZ Compressor/Decompri…
changeexeicon[Icon] [Source file] [Destination]Change the symbol of an exe
closewindow[Window title]Closes the window
consolelocate[X] [Y]Moves the cursor to the specified position
crc32[File|-s String]Returns the CRC32 checksum
download[URL] [Destination]Downloads a file
downloadheader[URL] {destination}Downloads the Http header of a URL
filebrowse[Title] [Standard file] …Select file(s) to open
flashwindow[Title] [Number] [Period] [Flag] [Background]Flashes the window
folderbrowse[Title] [Initial directory]Search for folder
getlanguage[-s|-u]Determine system/user language
getmimetype[extension]Determines the mime type of an extension
getparentprocessname{-h|-v}Determines the name of the calling process
getparentprocesspid{-h|-v}Determines the ID of the calling process
getspecialfolder[Folder]Determine special folder
hidewindow[Window title]Hides the window
iconextractor[Source file.exe] {destination path}Extract exe icons
inkey{-h|-v}Wait for keyboard input
inputbox{-m} [title] [text] …Input box
join-and-split[-j|-s] [file] [folder] {size}Split/merge file(s)
lzma[-c|-d] [source] [destination]LZMA Compressor/Decompressor
makeadmin[Source file] [Destination] {-d}Add administrator rights to an exe
maketoolwindow[Window title]Change window to tool window
maskedinput[title]Hidden text input
maximizewindow[Window title]Maximizes the window
md5[File|-s String]Returns the MD5 hash code
messagebox[Title] [Message] {Flag no.}Displays a message
minimizewindow[Window title]Minimizes the window
mouse[Click]Simulates mouse clicks
movewindow[X] [Y]Move window
osversion{-h|-v}Determine operating system
play{-f} [File]Simple media player
rc4[Password] [Source] [Destination]RC4 encryption
record[seconds] [Destination file]Sound Recorder
resizewindow[Title] [X] [Y] [Width] [Height]Change window size
savefiledialog[Title] [Standard file] …Select file to save
screenshot[X] [Y] [Width] [Height]Create snapshots
sendkey[Button]Simulates special keys
sendkeys[Option] [Text]Simulates text input
setcursorposition[X] [Y]Moves the mouse pointer
setforegroundwindow[Window title]Move window to the foreground
setwindowtitle[Window title] [New title]Change window title
setwindowtransparency[Window title] [Value]Change the transparency of a window
sha1[File|-s String]Returns the SHA1 checksum
sha2[File|-s String]Returns the SHA2 checksum
sha3[File|-s String]Returns the SHA3 checksum
showwindow[Window title]Show window
sleep[milliseconds]Wait for time
speak[-t Text|-f filename]Read out text/file content
url-de-encoder[-d|-e] [Url]URL de-/encoder
webserver[source directory] {port}Http Web Server
windowontop[window title]Window always in foreground
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